European cars are made with luxury, fine-tuned engines. The design and structure of these vehicles are built with a superior craftsmanship that differ immensely from standard makes and models. Therefore the tools and equipment needed to service and repair them also differ greatly. Generic mechanics and automotive shops do not possess the high quality tools to work on these high quality cars and taking a European car to a standard garage means taking the likely risk of harming the vehicle by using the incorrect tools. It’s important that your European car is only maintained using the prestige tools and equipment that match the make, otherwise the likelihood of depleting the vehicle runs high as well as the risk of causing irreversible damage to the car and significantly reducing its longevity and re-sell value.

As the engines of European cars differ immensely from standard/common vehicles, it is important that they’re only serviced and repaired by someone that has a wealth of knowledge about the make and model and an understanding of what needs to be done, in order to maintain the vehicle in its prime, high performance state. Unfortunately standard automotive garages do no possess this knowledge and understanding or the experience of working with these superior makes. This is why it’s important to only allow a European car specialist to work on your investment.

Yes, we’re a complete dealership alternative and offer a full log book service, meaning that you will keep your new car warranty exactly like you would if your car dealership was to perform the service. We use manufacturer parts when repairing vehicles and always work according to factory specifications, so having your car serviced by Euro Technik is as good as taking it to your dealership!

No, we only service European makes and models. This is because our workshop is fully equipped with the specialised tools that are required to work on European vehicles, which differ immensely from the tools required to service regular cars. We specialise in servicing and repairing European cars and we do it well. By concentrating only on these luxury vehicles, we’re able to offer a high quality, finely tuned, specialised service and produce better results than competing mechanics trying to be everything, to everyone.

Yes, we will give you an estimated quote prior to commencing work on your vehicle, so that you’re fully aware of the charge you’ll be required to pay at the end. We follow a strict communication policy here at Euro Technik, meaning we will keep you completely informed of our progress in your vehicles service and if we believe something needs to be repaired, we will call you to discuss the cost and get your approval before we fix it.

No service should ever take the same amount of time! We don’t limit our capabilities and overall performance by setting time frames for our services and repairs. Each vehicle is used differently and therefore requires a different treatment, meaning that the time required to service each vehicle varies. We’ll spend however much time is takes to service and repair your car to ensure it’s returned to you running smoother and performing better than ever.

To receive an estimated time frame for your service it’s best to speak to one of our friendly staff members who are always happy to give you an initial estimate and continue to communicate with you throughout the duration of the service if anything changes.