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Managing Director


Jesse set up Euro Technik’s first workshop in North Fremantle as Director and Lead Mechanic. He later expanded Euro Technik to include a Nedlands workshop. His latest feat has been transforming the North Fremantle workshop into a much larger service now located in Fremantle.

Possessing over 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, 17 of those purely focused on German vehicles, he travelled the country gaining knowledge—even adding in an engineering stint on a luxury yacht!

The goal was always to excel at the service, diagnostics and repairs of a wide variety of luxury vehicles. Jesse’s focus on a high skill set team at Euro Technik is key to the company’s success. He’s known for treating client vehicles with the utmost care, backed by a belief in the importance of impeccable customer support.

Our Mechanics

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Fremantle Service Centre


Alan has gained many years experience here at Euro Technik, originally as the Manager at Nedlands and has now moved across to the position of Workshop Manager at the Fremantle workshop where he gets to lead the Fremantle team to many successes, as he did in Nedlands. Alan is frequently commented on his exceptional communication skills and willingness to help all customers. He has gained a high level of experience in the industry, originally getting his start over 17 years ago. He first worked at a European car dealership and later for a European car parts supplier.

Alan enjoys being part of the high-performing Euro Technik team as everyone takes such genuine pride in all work delivered, with a company-wide focus on delivering the best solution every time.

Nedlands Service Centre


David is the Workshop Manager for our Nedlands workshop. After working for many years as a Senior Service Advisor and gaining invaluable industry experience, David accepted an internal promotion to lead the team at Nedlands. From a young age, he’s appreciated the superior quality and feel of European vehicles. David is the first port of call for most customers—if Archie the workshop dog doesn’t greet them first! He loves Euro Technik for the friendly atmosphere, and the youthful yet experienced and hard-working team environment.

Fremantle Service Centre


Alistair started as one of our dedicated technicians at the Fremantle workshop and has now stepped into the shoes of Service Advisor fulfilling a new direction in his career aspirations in the industry.

Alistair originates from Surrey in the UK and only recently moved to sunny Australia! He has 28 years specialised experience in the automotive industry and even after all that time, he still says he loves that he learns something new every day at Euro Technik.

He has a soft spot for the Porsche 356 and the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing but loves to work on all European vehicles.


Nedlands Service Centre


Marcus is an experienced Technician in our Nedlands workshop, with more than 19 years’ experience in the field. He holds a licence for Air Conditioning servicing.

Passionate about technology, Marcus stays on top of the latest innovative updates and is particularly interested in the ways electric cars are altering the automotive industry.

When Marcus is not working hard on your European vehicle, he most enjoys spends quality time with his young family, and restoring classic old cars.

Nedlands Service Centre


James is now a qualified technician, through hard work he has been signed off his apprenticeship 6 months early.

James was nominated as ‘Apprentice of the Year’ in 2021.

He loves all things mechanical. His solid work ethic and attention to detail make him a valued addition to the team.

In his spare time, James is an avid off-road mountain biker.

Fremantle Service Centre


Bryn is our Service Coordinator at Fremantle who has a passion for cars and house design.

Originally form the UK he was raised in Australia for the most part.

Bryn originally started in building construction but has always tinkered around with cars to pass time. He made the move to an auto parts shop full time and then moved to ET to learn more.

Bryn enjoys how the industry shows him the amount of people who are willing to help and how he too can assist customers by helping people understand the parts of their vehicle to keep them on road.

Nedlands Service Centre


Cally has 16 years’ experience in the automotive industry with the past 9 years specifically in European. Cally has a passion for customer service and you will see her smiling face greeting you at the Nedlands workshop.

The thing she loves most about working at Euro Technik is the great bunch of people she works with every day, all striving to be the very best in their field, the training opportunities and furthering her knowledge in the industry to enable her to be the best she can be.

Cally loves learning about advances in the industry but most of all meeting a wide array of people & helping customers with all of their needs.

Fremantle Service Centre


Jack is a Technician in our Fremantle location, originally from West Yorkshire, England. A love of four-wheel driving means his favourite European car is the Land Rover Defender 90, which he considers a great all-round vehicle.

Jack’s worked on a variety of cars in his career, but prefers the build quality of European vehicles. He enjoys completing projects at Euro Technik due to the level of detail and workmanship in every job.

Nedlands Service Centre


Dion joined us in 2021 as a 4th year apprentice bringing with him some valuable experience from Mercedes Benz. Dion has now completed his training and is a highly skilled, Trade qualified Technician at our Nedlands workshop.

Originally from New Zealand, Dion now calls Perth home and when he isn’t busy working he is relaxing at home with his cats and of course working on his own cars!

What Dion loves most about the automotive trade is the constant daily challenges that come his way, that he can problem solve, and successfully overcome.

Fremantle Service Centre


Shaeyen is our newest apprentice at our Fremantle workshop and has hit the ground running with a passion German cars. Originally from South Africa, Shae relocated to Australia with his family when he was 11 years old and has great memories of working on German cars with his Dad. After helping his uncle build his s3 8l that ran a 10.9 @ 210kmh, he realised this is what he really wanted to do for his career. He has even gone on to build his own s3 8l in imola yellow utilising all of his knowledge he has gained over the past 2 years!

Shae is a great addition to our team and loves being part of Euro Technik where he is challenged everyday and goes home each day with a new skill he has learnt.

Nedlands Service Centre


Owen is one of our dedicated apprentices at the Nedlands workshop. His passion for cars and eagerness to learn more, lead him to start an apprenticeship with us. We pride ourselves on nurturing talent and passion.

We believe his enthusiasm and determination to excel aligns perfectly with our mission to provide excellent service. We are thrilled to have Owen onboard and look forward to witnessing his growth and achievements. Welcome Owen!

Fremantle &  Nedlands Service Centre


Melissa has been with us part time since early 2016 working behind the scenes on all things Marketing, HR Admin and Business Development for both the Fremantle and Nedlands workshop.

 This could be you!!

Your Name here?

If you have a passion for luxury European vehicles and enjoy being part of a thriving and fast-growing company, we would love to hear from you.

Where I’m from
I hail from the sunny shores of Stratham. It’s not too far away and it’s a real bop and a half.. We used to have a hippie commune up the street some way but gentrification soon saw to that… It was either that or the Kool Aid… Such a shame either way.

Aside from the inane religious compliance and resulting mass sacrifice it was a pretty good childhood; I got to catch a free (regular sized) orange bus to school every morning, climb like probably a hundred trees on the regular and go on to live a life not to dissimilar to that of Patrick Swayze in Road House.

How I got into the industry
It was really just born of a frustration of not being able to do something. That something was being able to fix my car… And here we are.

The irony of the situation is that now the last thing I want to do is fix my car. It’s just always in a constant state of barely getting me to where I need to be but it gets me there every time. I’d like to argue that this is the true definition of mastery.

Anybody can design a bridge that’ll work but it takes a truly skilled person to design one that only just stays up.

What I like about the industry
I can tell you what I dislike about it….

  • Mice
  • Mercedes
  • Bonking my head on bonnet latches

Minor annoyances aside; my personality is really suited to the instant gratification of this type of work. The relatively quick turn around and the general nature of being able to take something that doesn’t function and making it mostly functional again is a dynamic that really feeds my soul. There is a lot of reward (dopamine) in very quick succession and the constantly varying nature of the work keeps it fresh and exciting.

What are my personal interests?
You could start a-whole-nother website with this one, it’s just a rabbit hole of hobbies and ideas.

Cars are obviously on the list; I’m currently building a rat rod out of a MK2 Jag I inherited from some guy named Graham that I never got a chance to meet. It’s going to be kind of filthy; with turbos, patina and a stripped out interior. Most of my summary of the project is communicated through flappy hand gestures, so if you’d like to know more please just ask and stand a few steps back.

I also create things. I do a bit of design work; mostly industrial design/engineery sort of stuff and make my dreams come alive with 3d printing and CNC routing. I’ve been really trying to push my creative abilities though and have gotten into sharpie art am currently learning to do a bit of digital stuff too… I like to get a bit weird with it. My next goal in life, after drawing all over my coffee table, is to create an Elvis shaped candle that smells like a peanut butter, bacon and banana flavoured sandwich.

Whilst my hands are busy desecrating innocent hobbies I am all about music and getting as much of it as I can into my ear holes. Mainly stoner rock but really just about anything that’s super riffy and gritty. Sometimes I like to dress up like a middle aged man and just dance my little heart out.

One day I hope to create a soundscape that truly encapsulates my whole existence. One that can transcend words and be used in situations such as this. The discordant melody of my soul would really be one for the ages.