Mini Service Perth

Mini Service in Perth

Your MINI is one of the most unique cars on the road, and nobody knows how to care for it better than the MINI certified technicians at Euro Technik in Perth.

At our North Fremantle European workshop, our team of highly skilled and experienced European car mechanics will go the extra mile to ensure that your MINI receives a thorough, high-quality service that includes consumable part replacement with genuine MINI parts that come with a 12-month warranty.

When you service your MINI with Euro Technik in Perth, you can use our full log book service to ensure that you keep your manufacturer warranty. To book a MINI luxury car service with Euro Technic, or to find out more about repairs, parts, or performance upgrades, contact us on (08) 9336 6886.


  • Log book servicing and vehicle repairs (all warranty protected)
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Diagnosis and repairs of all electrical and computer systems
  • Battery Replacements & Registering
  • Airconditioning Service, Regas, Diagnostic & Repairs
  • Clutch, Differential & Transmission Diagnosis, Servicing, Repairs, Reconditioning & Replacement
  • Suspension Repairs & Modifications (Including Lowering & Performance improvements)
  • Performance Tuning (Chip Tuning) for most vehicles delivering gains of up to 30% in power and torque
  • Performance Modifications Turbochargers, Superchargers, Diff & Clutch Upgrades
  • Brake replacement or upgrade to ceramic brakes (eliminate black dust)
  • Interior Trim Repairs & Replacement
  • Airbag Diagnosis, Repair & Replacement
  • Cylinder Head Repair & Reconditioning
  • Coding & Control Unit Programming Service to Enable & Initialise
  • Replacement Control Units
  • Central Locking Repairs
  • Sunroof Diagnosis & Repair
  • Cooling System & Radiator Repairs
  • Timing Belt Renewals
  • Headlight Restoration Service – Improve Your Lighting Performance caused by foggy headlights whilst increasing the value of your vehicle
  • Prepurchase Inspections


Mini Repairs and Maintenance

To ensure that your MINI performs optimally, and to maintain the driving pleasure that is unique to your vehicle, you have to follow a high-quality maintenance schedule. Ongoing care involves examining belts and hoses, fluid inspection, cleaning of moving parts, and checking filters.

As you may know full well, you may also run into mechanical issues that require expert repairs.  The team of technicians at Euro Technic are certified and highly trained to carry out MINI maintenance and repair work while adhering to the highest standards of care and skill.

At Euro Technik, we employ the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to locate the issue or find areas in need of maintenance to restore your MINI to its original condition.

In addition to high technical standards, Euro Technik also goes above and beyond to accommodate your specific requirements throughout the process.

Mini Parts and Accessories

When Euro Technik’s team carries out MINI car services, maintenance, or repairs, we only use genuine MINI parts.

Although generic parts may get the job done, they won’t perform the same as genuine parts in terms of longevity, quality, and performance. Genuine parts are designed and developed in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards, and they have a higher degree of compatibility with your car.

Also, genuine parts typically undergo extensive testing to ensure that they remain functional, even under stress or in severe circumstances.  The parts we fit to your vehicle were specifically designed and manufactured for your car, and by using our services, you ensure that your vehicle maintains its authenticity.

To learn more about the genuine parts we use for MINI’s, fill in the enquiry form to contact our parts specialists.

Mini Performance Upgrades

Enhancing the performance of your MINI doesn’t only require high-end tuning products from reputable brands, but also technical know-how and extensive experience.

Euro Technik offers leading performance modifications services to MINI owners. We have access to highly engineered aftermarket performance products. Our team can enhance the performance and drivability of your vehicle and carry out all modifications expertly in all areas, including the engine, interior, exhaust, wheels, and suspension.

If you need the services of an experienced and skilled Perth mechanic, contact Euro Technik today.