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Audi EV Servicing in Perth


The countless benefits of driving an Audi electric vehicle who ‘Lead through Technology” span innovative design, cutting-edge technology, reliability, driving comfort and a classically good look. Maintaining your Audi electric vehicle’s long-term performance means prioritising a high-end Audi EV or hybrid service.

Euro Technik provides Audi EV owners with luxury services in our high-tech, modern Fremantle and Nedlands workshops. Our Audi electric vehicle specialists and European car mechanics have the necessary sort after qualifications and experience to conduct a complete, superior Audi service on your electric vehicle.

As part of this service, we fit genuine Audi parts with a 12-month warranty, and offer a full log book service including genuine manufacture software updates to ensure you keep your manufacturer’s warranty.

To schedule a Audi EV service or find out more about our repair, maintenance, and power upgrade solutions, call us on (08) 9336 6886 – Fremantle or (08) 9336 5885 – Nedlands.

Air filter for servicing

Qualified Technicians

Audi Repairs and Maintenance

Ensuring that your Audi’s condition and performance remain untarnished doesn’t only require regular services, but also routine maintenance and repairs. Euro Technik has access to all the necessary equipment and skills to take ongoing care of your vehicle.

As part of our Audi repair and maintenance service, we also provide you with a detailed schedule that is suited to your car and lifestyle. In the case of defective software or mechanical components, we can also provide you with a world-class Audi repair service with the objective of repairing your car to the standard by which it was built.

If you need a Audi mechanic specialist in Perth, look no further than Euro Technik.

Genuine Parts

Audi Parts and Accessories

Whenever Euro Technik’s team carries out an Audi service or repair that involves a part replacement, we only use genuine Audi parts. This way we can ensure continuous high performance and quality from our work.

The use of non-genuine parts may be thought of as a more affordable, however due to lacking the quality control of genuine Audi parts, they are typically more prone to result in issues and further costs down the road.

Genuine Audi parts are designed and manufactured according to the uncompromising standards and exact measurements of the German luxury automobile brand. These genuine parts are also subjected to extensive testing to ensure consistent performance, even in harsh environments.

Although generic parts can be fitted to your car, they usually don’t offer the same quality as genuine Audi parts and installing them may compromise not only your car’s performance but also its authenticity.

If you understand the importance of using genuine Audi parts, use Euro Technik’s services.

Luxury vehicles need genuine parts

Reliable Performance

Audi Performance Upgrades

Maximise the performance of your Audi with Euro Technik’s Perth performance modifications solutions. As licensed APR dealers, we can provide you with high-quality performance products and tuning parts from reputable brands.

Fitting OEM and original performance extensions should increase the overall quality of your Audi. Contact Euro Technik for high-end precision performance upgrades and tuning. Our team is standing ready to help you.

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We Also Do

  • Log Book Servicing and Vehicle Repairs (warranty protected)
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Software updates using manufacturer tooling
  • Diagnosis and Repairs of all Electrical and Computing Systems
  • 12v Battery Replacements and Registering
  • 48v Battery replacement and registering
  • High Voltage Battery Diagnosis, repair and replacement.
  • DC – DC convertor diagnosis and repairs
  • Airconditioning Service, Re-gas, Diagnostic and Repairs
  • Clutch, Differential and Transmission Diagnosis, Servicing, Repairs, Reconditioning and Replacement
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Brake Replacement or Upgrade to Ceramic Brakes (eliminates black dust)
  • Interior Trim Repairs and Replacement
  • Airbag Diagnosis, Repair and Replacement
  • Coding and Control Unit Programming Service to Enable and Initialise
  • Replacement Control Units
  • Central Locking Repairs
  • Sunroof Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Cooling System and Radiator Repairs
  • Headlight Restoration Service (to improve Lighting Performance caused by foggy headlights and Increase Value of vehicle)
  • Pre-purchase Inspections

For help with any vehicle services above, dealer log book servicing or something entirely different, contact us.